Custom Copper

Do you need a custom copper sink, range hood, dining table-top or tub for your brand new bathroom? All custom kitchen and bathroom projects are welcome. Custom Copper creates artisan handcrafted appliances, hardware and furnishings for residential and commercial applications. Shop by size, color and style.
custom copper range hood custom copper bathtubs
copper range hoods copper bathtubs
custom copper bathroom sinks custom copper table top
copper bath sinks copper table-tops
For a designer look of the kitchen or bathroom, consider installing copper sinks, bathtubs and counters. Warm patina tones of hammered copper are appropriate for a French Country, Victorian and early American style kitchen, eat-in and bar area.



One thought on “Custom Copper

  1. All bathroom copper sinks can be supplied in custom dimensions. If the size difference between the one advertised on the site and the one you need is not that great, there is no charge for producing a custom bathroom copper sink.

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