antique copper bathtubs

Antique Copper Bathtubs

There are many antique copper bathtubs for sale on the current market. The vast majority of copper fixtures in old style is imported to the US and Europe Mexico. In fact Santa Clara del Cobre located in state of Michoacan is the primary source of antique copper bathtubs. Free Trade Agreement between both countries makes…

copper tub pros

Copper Tub Pros

Copper tubs are naturally antibacterial what makes them perfect for slipper soaking tubs. Coppersmiths from Santa Clara del Cobre located in central Mexico have been hammering copper for bathroom for centuries using the same technique. The copper bathtub production process begins with a thick sheeting hammered into a 16 and 14 gauge material use for…

copper vessel sinks

Copper Vessel Sinks

It is a great example of incorporating copper vessel sinks in a bathroom. Wooden cabinets were designed to accommodate copper sinks the way it is easy to use them. The furniture were adapted to the average person’s height.  The bathroom has rustic style with some tropical flavor. Stone pattern of the floor is often used…

antique copper tub

Antique Copper Tub

It is a great looking copper tub with antique finishing. Simple tub design is made of hand polished interior walls and an elegant base. The copper tub was installed in a bathroom full of antique looking furnishings. There is a small side table with a bronze stand with an old fashion mirror.

best copper bath sink

Best Copper Sink for Bathroom

The best selling copper sinks for bathroom is an oval large size design. This bath sink is made of hammered copper in small and large size. Most often used finishing is dark coffee or otherwise known as antique. It can be equipped with over flow holes or supplied without them. The sink has flat lip…

copper tubs

Copper Tub

This copper tub was handmade in Mexico in small town of Santa Clara del Cobre. It is a capital of hammered copper production for bathroom with main market in the US. There is very little demand in Mexico. While copper tubs don’t seam to be too expensive for the average America buyer, Mexican economic reality…