Hammered Copper in a House

Hammered Copper

Hammered copper can be used for all kinds of house improvement project. You can use in a bathroom, kitchen and dining room. Most often furnishings made of copper used today are vent hoods, sinks, tabletops and bathtubs. Hammered copper comes in various finishing configurations including patina colors, hand polished or even nickel-plated. However, the last option is expensive so in its place we suggest using hammered zinc instead which has the same price as copper. Most hammered copper for house furnishing rustic style comes form Santa Clara del Cobre located in central Mexican state of Michoacan. Regional artisans are very skillful producing their products unique and of high quality of craftsmanship.

hammered copper design in rustic house kitchen

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One thought on “Hammered Copper in a House

  1. Use hammered copper to decorate all your house. All of these hammered copper accessories combine very well with every type of house, rustic or even modern.
    Dies not matter the color of your place because these products have different finishing.

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