How to Remove Patina from Copper

There are two type of oven hoods, kitchen sinks, bath sinks and bathtubs finishing we offer. Most our copper furnishings, appliances and plumbing fixtures are finished with patina according to the buyer’s selection. However some of them including bath sinks or mirrors can be supplied in natural copper that will get darker in time.

  • Copper sinks for kitchen and bathroom with permanent patina. Those sinks are heated to certain temperature to accelerate patina creation on purpose and then varnished. It prevents the copper sink to change color. Those sink can be cleaned with water and sponge only and they will look like new for ever.
  • Bathroom sinks produced in natural copper color. Those copper bath sinks surface is exposed to oxygen which will make them to get darker in time due to natural patina process. Removing patina from them involves using water and a scotch pad. Scrub the sink copper gently to avoid damaging it.

copper bathroom sink patina cleaning

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