Spacing Copper Vent Hood and Kitchen Range

Our customers keep asking us with frequency about spacing a copper vent hood and the kitchen range. The distance between both appliances depends on a number of factors.

  • Before deciding about the space between your vent hood and the kitchen range you need to consult your state authorities to see whether there is a specific regulation specifying it. Any contractor working in your area should have that knowledge as well and you make sure that the one you employ for installing your hood knows about the requirements.
  • The second fact in determining the distance is the person who is going to do most of the cooking height. The bottom of your custom copper vent hood needs to be at the comfortable level so you can see what you are cooking and not heating the hood with your head at the same time.
  • Usually, you may consider installing your vent hood between 24” and 36” inches above the range surface. It will depends on the kitchen design as well as  capacity of the insert what translates to the amount of air sacked from above the coock-top outside the house.

copper vent hoods

Above mentioned variables will influence how your copper vent hood is installed so it complies with the local building and fire department regulations and at the same time making your kitchen factional.

One thought on “Spacing Copper Vent Hood and Kitchen Range

  1. I love it. I really like how the copper hood combines with the rest of the rustic kitchen. The design of this hood is very conservative which makes the place very comfortable.

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