Undermount or Overmount Copper Sink

Once confronted with choice of selecting an undermount and overmount copper sink key influencer will be your kitchen design overall.

  1. Undermount copper kitchen sink is placed on the cabinet wood based material and then covered with the counter made of stone, ceramic tiles or copper .There is an opening above the sink in the countertop often with small lip covering the sink edges. It prevents water entering between the copper sink and underneath the counter.
  2. Overmount sink sometimes called drop-in is exactly what is called.Its bowl is dropped in to the counter opening with flange outside supporting its weigh. Those copper sinks vc apron style are economical as there is less metal needed for their production.

overmount copper kitchen sink

Undermount sinks are supplied in two versions, apron sinks and dropin. The second type is a regular installed with its flange covered with the kitchen counter.

undermount copper kitchen sink

One thought on “Undermount or Overmount Copper Sink

  1. Undermount or overmount copper sinks are great to decorate your bathroom because you can choose of putting the sink outside to make it look more brilliant or inside to make it look more plane.

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