Is Copper Patina Tarnishing?

I was asked quite often whether copper patina on the tub, sink, mirror or table-top is going to tarnish? Well, that depends on the copper edging process and the way it is accelerated. Obviously you don’t want to wait years for your copper tub or range hood to look old. Each company uses different techniques ranging form the most traditional implemented in Mexico to chemical treatments used in Asia. Since Custom Copper is a Mexican based manufacturer we can speak about the production used here at least by our own company as well as others suppliers based in Santa Clara del Cobre.

copper tub, range hood, sink, table-top patina tarnishing

In short, once copper gets in contact with the elements, a protective coating known as patina begins to build up on its surface. It gets dark dark brown with progress of time and it make take a while when the desired patina color is achieved. So what we do? Using torch we heat copper evenly making it darker in minutes and then apply a layer of special paste that under the temperature penetrates metal deep making finishing tones permanent. The answer to the questions whether custom copper product patina will tarnish is no, it will not.


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