Copper Dining Table

Most copper dining table suppliers offer their furniture in all standard sizes. However, if you have encountered difficulties in finding the right size you may consider ordering custom made. By going custom the sources are narrowing to just a few suppliers. On the other hand, copper dining tables for sale in retail locations are very expensive and on rare occasions come with interesting from the esthetic point of view bases. Some of them might cost even more that the copper top itself. The best way to get both a custom copper table including really good looking forged iron stand is South of the border.

 Copper Tables

custom copper dining table

Because of obvious problems with going down there to make the purchase and then get it back to the US the best option is buying online. It is safe, relatively fast and we still do have NAFTA in force making copper dining tables from Mexico duty, and tax free.

copper table for dining



One thought on “Copper Dining Table

  1. Copper dining tables are very nice. You can put them wherever you want. These tables look good in indoors and outdoors. The finishing is great and the best thing is that you can customize the size and color of the table.

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