How to clean copper range hoods and bathtubs?

To protect the tub or hood finishing on custom hammered copper do not use strong cleaners. Neither acidic or alcohol based liquids should be used. No Steel wool nor metal brushes as they are going to damage the surfaces. Clean hammered copper with warm soapy water and scrub with a nylon brushes. Rinse you tub, hood, sink or table thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth. Copper furnishings can be used for all normal bathroom, dining and kitchen use. Avoid long hood, sink, table-top and tub surface exposure to tomato sauce and citrus fruits. If they remain for a longer time in contact with custom hammered copper, it may discolor. Should it happen, the metal will start to darken back by itself during naturally occurring oxidation.

Hammered Copper Maintenance

Bathroom Kitchen Copper Maintenance suggestions were provided by Hammered Copper. Producer of handcrafted metal copper range hoods, copper tubs, sinks and tables under Custom Copper brand from Mexico.



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